Updates for Island Publishing / John New

NB Individual blog posts are not listed as updates on this page.


22 April – The modelling blog pages for Pebbles End and Reindeer Landing  updated in the old format part of the site plus the adding of a Photo Album for Pebbles End.

8 March – As the merging of the Waggonway Research Circle material with the main site is about to commence an update to the home page with links to an archived copy of the former Demon version of the island-publishing site and older versions of the WRC site.

28th Jan – Link updated on the Railways gateway page and the Railways and Me page on the old-site updated to divert to the replacement page here on the new version site. A few obsolete pages were identified as remaining from earlier iterations of the site and they were also deleted today.

27th Jan – In order to prevent display of the Nothing Here/page not found message bug two older index pages in htm & html format have been reinstated. They will auto update to the correct index.php page.

24th Jan – Update to the Published material page. Mislaid copy of the 1989 article located and the details could therefore be added to the list.


14th Oct – Another page transferred from the old site, the railways and me page, with associated updates to the menus and links on both this and the legacy site in consequence.

12th Oct – The Railways home page is now updated with the links from the old site. Corresponding links on old-site updated to new site railways gateway page. A new Published material page combining information from other areas has been compiled/added as has a Works in progress page to make better sense of the material.

7th Oct – Further integration of the old and new websites undertaken today. This page, for example, is now fully connected to/from the old site. The old Home page was renamed, if a legacy page does not return to home please do a forced refresh to clear any cached copy. (In most browsers this is refresh page with the shift key held down)

6th Oct – Following testing the site is undergoing conversion from an old hand-coded html/css site to a WordPress base. The main advantage to the change is that the pages will become responsive to the size and type of device viewing. As existing pages are converted an auto-forward will be added to the new home page and menu structure. If you have a saved link to these please update as sometime during 2017 the old structure will almost certainly be deleted from the server. Content will also be rewritten and updated with some former pages merged or replaced.

5th/6th Oct Maintenance work to relocate the WordPress part of the site may lead to a short outage of the blog section during the next 24 hours (Now completed).

5 Oct – work continues on trying to get the blog section into the format I desire; apologies for anyone who notices a format change whilst reading the site.

3 Oct – Several updates made in the last few days on the blog section layout.

8 Jan – Christmas greeting removed as we are now past the Feast of Epiphany. Experiments continue with the theme for the WordPress blog section.

All earlier update content deleted as now obsolete