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Recorded music - The Al’s and films listed below incorporate copyright music legitimately "dubbed" under the IAC scheme.  They are available for public showing.  The terms of my licence allow unlimited showing to PAGB affiliated camera and video club audiences through the licence scheme used and a small number of other showings per annum/per title.

Subjects already prepared

My prepared / in hand titles are listed below together with their availability for bookings as at 3 Nov 2006:-

Subject - Railway history (general)

Steam and Freedom.  Linking my varied interests in history, film production, photography and music "Steam and Freedom" covers the history of railways using a combination of narrative, music and photography. The viewer is taken from the earliest beginnings in pre-history, through the steam age to today's privatised commercial network.  As the title suggests, special reference is made to the part played in that history  by the steam locomotive and the way that the availability of steam powered transport gave freedom of movement to the masses.  As many myths, legends and falsehoods surround George Stephenson's life the feature also includes a substantial biographical section on the man generally regarded as the "Father of Railways".

This completed project has a run time of 1hr 30 mins with a half time break.   Current version - third edition..  

The show was originally created in PowerPoint and is therefore available for digital projection or large/multiple PC screen showing.

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Subject - Railway history (Whitby & Pickering Railway / North Yorkshire Moors Railway)

35mm slide & talk version - I prepared this talk and 35mm slide show in early 1999 for Dorset Scope. It covers the history of the Whitby & Pickering Railway from inception in the 1830s and runs through to today with the operation of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.  It is 200 slides in length covering both modern and archive black and white photographs. (Still available but superseded see below)   Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing.

The Heartbeat Railway - Replacement for the above show.  DVD based version for digital projection, TV Screen or large/multiple PC screen version.  The history of the Whitby & Pickering Railway which opened in 1836, and the area it runs through.  Run time 1hr 30 with half time break.    

NYMR Sampler version - Shortened DVD version of the with above with no commentary.  A mix of video footage and stills taking you on a journey along the line from Whitby to Pickering/  Soundtrack is either the original video soundtrack or dubbed music.  Run time 30 minutes. The music used on this DVD is copyright free for non-commercial use. 

Available for all "hobby club" audiences etc...

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A Yorkshire Selection. Photographs covering aspects of York & Yorkshire's prototype rail-scene scene, both past and current. Steam and modern traction featured in regular service and preservation. (First shown at York Model Railway Show - Easter 2008) Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing.

A walk past the brickworks - with this talk I look back over my 40+ years of line side railway photography using my extensive collection of photographs. Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing.

A transport miscellany No 2 - A 45 minute film covering a range of transport subjects.  This together with "A sizzle of steam" replaced "A Railway Miscellany" for 2007 although the above is still available.   Includes coverage of diesel, electric and steam trains on the main line and on preserved railways.  Also included are miniature railways, the Hythe Pier tramway and shipping in the Solent including the Queen Mary 2.  The working beam engines at Crofton on the Kennet & Avon canal are featured too as are the electric trams at Seaton in Devon.  Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing.

An electric summer (2008) A look at the Seaton Tramway and the railways of Switzerland as visited during 2008.  Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing.

A sizzle of steam - A 45 minute film showing steam in action at various locations in the UK and with locomotives from of the "big four" and the later BR standard classes.  Locomotives featured are 71000 Duke of Gloucester, 80078, 34028 Eddystone, Sentinel road charabanc "Elizabeth", 45407,60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, SR Class S15 825 and GWR 2-6-2T 5164.  Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing.

Down the line from Waterloo (1)- Run time 47 minutes.  A look at the lines from Waterloo to the west finishing at Weymouth.  The music used in this is copyright free for non-commercial use. Available for all "hobby club" audiences etc... (see also WWW or is it below for updated replacement version)

The following series of DVD samplers also supplement the 35mm slide show "Railway Miscellany" as well as being run as part of my main exhibition stand.

DVD Sampler 1 - Sampler 1 was completed in 2005 and has been shown regularly since at model railway exhibitions.  It incorporates the NYMR sampler, Orion's Return to steam, Weymouth and a short section of 0-6-0T locomotive 1501 on the Severn Valley Railway.  The music used on this DVD is copyright free for non-commercial use. Available for all "hobby club" audiences etc...

DVD Samplers 2 & 3  - Now also available.

Orion's return to steam.  The Stephenson Locomotive Society's miniature "live steam" locomotive Orion was returned to steam in April 2005.  A short film about the locomotive was prepared as a draft version and is included on DVD Sampler No 1 (See above). 

Over the Alps (Including the Glacier Express) - Jointly with Stella New. Two versions of this will be available for showing in 2011. Option 1 - A general version for non-railway club audiences with two halves. Run time for each half circa 40/45mins) This first shown at the Weymouth Camera Club on 27 Jan 2011. Option 2 - A shorter version including more technical information relating to the railway infrastructure etc... will be first shown at the SLS Midlands Centre at Kidderminster (Apr 2011). NB A further version based on the first half only (London to the Roof of Europe) is work in progress too.

Current availability = All dates/ venues currently available.

WWW or is it? - updated version of Down the Line to Weymouth in digital film format. It features a look at and list of the alliteration of W locations.

Current availability = All dates/ venues currently available.

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Subject - General photographic subjects

A British Perambulation - A 35mm slides based talk featuring a tour of Great Britain. Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing. 

A Compact collection - a selection of railway photographs which had been taken on compact 35mm or digital cameras to show that an SLR is not a pre-requisite for producing effective railway photographs. Availability - No music so no restrictions on showing.

Colours of the wind - The Disney song from Pocahontas is a powerful message for the environment. Set here to pictures. (Completed) Run time – 4mins : 17 seconds

From Brownie to pixel - A roughly forty year retrospective look at my photographic work from summer 1962 to early 2004. Looks at changes in photography, publishing, transport and life in general over the period. Run time approximately 90 minutes with half time break.  

Following the stones - (Film competition length version) A short look at the battlefield memorials of Flanders and the part played by Portland Stone. Words and music. (Initial version completed) Run time is currently 12 minutes as it was produced to fit a film competition length requirement. NB - To be slightly lengthened with an introduction for future general audience showing. 

Ten go to Venice - (Jointly with Stella New) A short weekend in Venice at Carnival time. 15 minutes long featuring the masked and costumed Carnivalers! Pictures and music. The music used is copyright free for non-commercial use. Available for all "hobby club" audiences etc...

Tolpuddle Man - Approx four minutes. Graham Moore’s acclaimed song “Tolpuddle Man” about the Tolpuddle Martyrs with images from the annual Martyrs Rally.

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Subject - Northern England in music and pictures

A Northumbrian Snapshot - A full digital A/V presentation covering the country between the Humber and the Tweed. It has already been premièred with a current 25 Min run time.  My intention is to add further sections to extend the run time by a further ten to fifteen minutes.  Expected premier date of lengthened version - delayed.

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Subjects - in course of preparation

Railways of York - A look at the history of this fascinating rail centre.  (NB this will mirror "The Yorkshire selection" photographic exhibition which made its debut at the York Model Railway Show over Easter 2008.

Available in print form.

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Future project ideas -

Alongside singing rails - A second look back over my 40+ years of line side railway photography using my extensive collection of still photography and video material. (No target date set)  This is a follow up to the talk listed above called A walk past the brickworks.

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Subject - Miscellaneous (Withdrawn)

Get your club onto the net without significant cost. A basic introduction to what you need to get your club or society onto the net, the available free/cheap resources and a look at simple page design and the vital topic of search engines. Based around a "PowerPoint" presentation.   Withdrawn - now obsolete.

35mm slide show - "A Railway Miscellany".  Withdrawn - now replaced by A walk past the brickworks and the other titles as listed above.

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